Press Clipping
APAP 2020: "Risk and Resilience"

It was a great privilege to interview four of the United States’ leaders in the performing arts during and following the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP)’s 63rd annual conference, themed “Risk and Resilience,” at the Hilton in New York City. I was fortunate to have an in-person interview with Mario Garcia Durham, APAP President and CEO.

From Wavelengths, the pre-conference world music forum co-produced by Rock Paper Scissors Publicity and globalFEST, I interviewed three of the most cogent speakers by email (due to scheduling). Sabrina Lynn Motley, Director of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Wavelengths keynote speaker. The artist Martha Redbone who spoke during the panel “Indigenous Intersections and Networks: Historic Constellations and Future Trajectories.” And the artist Arturo O’Farrill who appeared on the panel “Merging Political Activism with Artistic Innovation.”

All four share their convictions, inspirations, fortitude, and resilience